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New Version 3.0 Delivers "Malware Command Center" with New Management Dashboards, Reporting Improvements and Console Usability Enhancements

Windows IT Pro Magazine Readers' Choice now for two years in a row. Join the thousands of production sites that run it !

The new Version 3.0 delivers "hybrid" antispyware technology that gives you robust protection against blended malware threats to protect your corporate environment. CounterSpy Enterprise delivers several new features, including VIPRE™ antimalware technology, FirstScan™ boot-level scanning, kernel-level Active Protection, automatic agent deployment, administrative console improvements, greater scalability and performance, and support for Windows Vista.

With CounterSpy Enterprise Version 3.0 you get protection against malware using a new hybrid technology that merges the ‘system cleaning' properties of traditional antispyware products with the efficiency of powerful antivirus-based technology. With a definition database that includes over 1,500,000 threat traces, continued enterprise enhancements, and our new kernel-based Active Protection™ technology, you will find that CounterSpy Enterprise Version 3 delivers the most powerful enterprise antispyware product available.

Does your current security software simply stack more and more separate modules on top of each other, taking more and more resources? CounterSpy Enterprise doesn't! Download your full-feature, 30-day evaluation copy today.

The press gives Counterspy Enterprise rave reviews. It's Windows IT Pro's Reader's Choice twice and Editor's Choice Winner. Network Computing's 2006 prestigious Well-Connected Awards Winner, and Editor's Choice! (PDF) . SC Magazine gave it 4 stars, with "Excellent management, good detection, an excellent package for enterprises".

You told us that for 2007, the biggest security issue you experience is blended malware. The areas you see as the biggest problems are:

  • loss of company confidential data and intellectual property,
  • loss of employee productivity, and
  • loss of network bandwidth
What's New In Version 3?

New, Configurable Management Dashboards

With CounterSpy Enterprise 3.0, administrators can easily create a customized "malware command center" that gives instant access to their most used reports and policy controls. The management console now provides four customizable dashboards for at-a-glance views of scanning and remediation activities that show overall network health and performance. An all-new library of interface widgets allows drag and drop customization of reports, agent status information, severity threat levels by policy, scanning history, and other components displayed by the CounterSpy Enterprise dashboards. With easy access to information, the dashboards enable administrators to optimize the performance and operations of their network.

Reporting Improvements

New reporting features make it easier for administrators to schedule and customize CounterSpy Enterprise's library of reports. A new report scheduler allows administrators to easily schedule any report to run at a designated time with the ability to email reports to specified users; simplifying report distribution to management. Additionally, a new custom report editor enables administrators to modify existing reports or create their own reports to display an infinite combination of agent information available from within CounterSpy Enterprise.

Console Usability Enhancements

CounterSpy Enterprise 3.0 also features usability enhancements that offer easier-to-understand alerts and customizable views within the console grids. Visual indicators are now included to show security risk status of detected malware threats by agent, making it faster and easier to determine what machines within the network have been infected. Customizable grid views provide a variety of different column headings which can be displayed within the console grids to show the most relevant agent information based on administrator preference. Additionally, administrators have the ability to "drill down" on individual agent summary information including scan history and quarantine.

Next-Generation Antispyware
Blended malware is a much more insidious problem than plain old viruses. You need world-class centralized antispyware management as an essential element of your layered security posture because:
  • Despite their claims, existing AV companies' "spyware modules" don't cut it.
    Their code was not built to fight spyware and it shows.
  • Using a substandard product causes a false sense of security
  • Most antispyware out there is not really enterprise-ready
To help you fight spyware, we built a true second generation enterprise-ready product from the ground up that gets you everything you need, but we also added something unique: CounterSpy Enterprise has the best spyware database in the industry. CounterSpy Enterprise's revolutionary VIPRE scanning engine uses over 1,500,000 threat traces to hunt down a broad range of spyware, adware, rootkits and other malware.

World-class Quality
Despite what you might hear from competitors, our effectiveness in finding and removing malware is world-class. We regularly wind up in the Top Three. Often the same results as the leader, and sometimes better. CounterSpy Enterprise fully stands up against product from Symantec, Trend and Webroot. The new Malware Command Center Console makes it all even easier.

Your existing AV product might claim they have an antispyware module. It might even get somewhat close to the quality of stand-alone tools. But these large products have a steep learning curve, take a lot of time to install, stack module on top of module taking ever increasing resources, and then take a lot of time to manage once you have them deployed. CounterSpy Enterprise is fast to set up, low-resource, low-maintenance, so it's "install-and-move-on" with the security that you have the most extensive antispyware database in the industry!

Important Features of CounterSpy Enterprise
  • New "Malware Command Center"
  • Very low RAM use
  • Very fast scan times
  • "Hybrid" antispyware scanning and removal engine with VIPRE technology
  • FirstScan, a new scan and remove on-boot technology designed specifically to detect and remove the most deeply embedded malware
  • Kernel-level active protection. This system offers signature, behavioral and heuristic-based real-time blocking of threats
  • Automatic agent deployment functionality
  • Improved administrative console
  • Support for Windows Vista 32-bit

CounterSpy Enterprise provides you what you need
CounterSpy Enterprise is a powerful centralized policy-based second generation product that allows you to detect, delete and protect against over 35 categories of malware. The spyware threat database is extensive and one of the best in the world with over 1,500,000 threat traces. It is updated by Sunbelt's own CounterSpy Research Team, and the hundreds of thousands of people that participate in Sunbelt's ThreatNet community of opt-in users, and last but not least, our exclusive CWSandbox malware analysis technology contributes tremendously. The Press loves it, CounterSpy Enterprise gets rave reviews.

Fighting Spyware Together - A Worldwide Detection Network: ThreatNet
The only way we can fight this new spyware plague is to band together and create a worldwide detection network that sends outbreak information back to Sunbelt's spyware research center in real time. This team tests and updates the CounterSpy threat database on a very regular basis. ThreatNet allows spyware to be found faster, fixes to be coded, validated, and downloaded to CounterSpy Enterprise users. You told us what you needed and we built it for you! Here is where you can submit potential threats: the Sunbelt CounterSpy Research Center .

Powerful Centralized Spyware Management
CounterSpy Enterprise allows you to create policies and assign machines to that policy via Active Directory, your network neighborhood or by IP address. From a single admin console you control the automatic silent push install of the agent (CounterSpy also supports WMI deployment), scheduling, and threat database updates for just a few dozen, hundreds or thousands of machines to protect your entire network from over 35 categories of spyware. The agent is available as an "MSI" file (but also as an .exe) that you can install via login scripts, deploy with SMS or WMI, Add to a Group Policy with the ability to easily create transforms (.mst files) or let the end user install via a web page.

Designed 'By Admins For Admins'
Sunbelt has 20 years of experience with system admin tools. Designed 'by admins for admins', it has what you need to make enterprise spyware protection easy and accurate. Easy install, excellent policy-based GUI, good reporting, many ways to deploy the agent and transparency. You always know what CounterSpy is doing, and you get detailed logs what was done on which workstation. There is no other anti-spyware tool out there with over 7,000 deployments that was built from the ground up "enterprise first" and "consumer second".

As an enterprise administrator you need information about the activities of antispyware software on your networks. You need kernel-based real-time protection. You must have a mechanism for notification when threats are detected or actions are taken. You must have a comprehensive reporting system that will make it easy to provide documentation for your own use and for keeping management informed and justifying budget expenditures.

How Many PCs in Your Network Are Zombies?
Download the 30-day eval version. You can immediately deploy and scan 5 machines. One of our Account Reps or Sales Engineers can send you a key to unlock the eval for an unlimited amount of PC's and do a 'web' Product Walkthrough with you, so you can run a report on how bad the situation is. You can use that report as ammo to get your purchase requisition approved. Our SE's and Tech Support team are ready to answer any of your questions, and you can also check the items in the Knowledge Base (see link on the left side of this page). There are well over 7,000 enterprise installations. Why? CounterSpy Enterprise has the best spyware database in the industry! webstore

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