Repair A Network

Networks can fail for a variety of reasons. Perhaps an electrical outage or surge has caused the re-set of a components settings or the components have simply lost their "IP" (internet protocol) addresses. Even hardware components can fail.

The first steps in resolving network issues are as follows:
1) Turn off your modem (may require unplugging).
2) Turn off your router (may require unplugging).
3) Shutdown your computer.

Wait 60 seconds then power on the modem. Wait another 60 seconds and power on the router. Wait 30 seconds and turn on your computer and test the connection. Hopefully it now works.

There can be many other issues involved, such as your ISP being temporarily out of service, manually modified settings or by software on your router or modem. You might consider calling your ISP to see if they're aware of any problems.

Of course, Contact Us if you need additional help.

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