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What is a network? One or more computers in a home environment used for either business computing, general home usage and of course music and video. A Network simply allows computers to 'talk' to one another. Whether business or home, it can be imperative for productivity. A network permits everyone on the network to access all files (subject to security rules). A network permits 'network ready software' to be used by more then one individual on the network. A network permits all members of the network to share the Internet - accessing email and different sites at the same time. A network allows everyone to share printers.

In order to support the needs of your home or business, a basic network consists of:

  • A modem to connect to your ISP for connection to the Internet.
  • A router to 'route' information between individual computers, the server and the Internet.
  • A server (optional) that will be responsible for storing all files, assuring multiple layers of backup and running network-ready programs.
  • A switch (optional) to facilitate inter-computer communication.
  • One or more computers.
  • We have many clients running wireless networks. Advantages include alleviating the need for running ethernet cable from computer to computer as well as giving you the ability to carry your laptop anywhere in the office and still be connected!

Are there any potential issues with wireless? Yes! We occasionally attempt a wireless connection in areas of the business office or house that are 'dead zones' - where the wireless signal cannot reach. How do we fix this? There are several ways including adding specialized antennas. The fall-back of course is to hard wire that particular area.

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