Office Computing

We have many years experience working for large corporations as well as start-up, mid-size, and small businesses. We have seen money spent needlessly on following procedure and purchasing state-of-the-art technology rather then actually moving forward to meet real business needs. We understand budgets that are constrained and always focus on value. We will evaluate your needs and determine the correct mix of hardware and software to meet those needs.

We will not just come in and install computers and servers without assessing your overall needs and discussing those needs with you.

And we are there for you 24/7 to assure that your mission-critical business needs are met.

We install Microsoft networks using Server 2003 technology - or we can maintain and upgrade your existing Server 2000 operating system.

We purchase and install Network Servers, Desktop PC's, Laptops and Printers. What configuration? Depends on YOUR needs. Wireless vs. Wired? Depends on YOUR needs. We can install vendor supplied software and work directly with the vendor to assure success. Do you need customized solutions? We build systems using the latest in Web based technologies - Java, MySQL, Servlets.

Do you need help selecting a company to build your Web Site? Do you need assistance building your Web Site and hosting the site? We can help.

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