Protect Your Computer

Sounds ominous? It can be. Computers are vulnerable to hackers and those who build adware, spyware and viruses. Many companies exist that have created software with the objective of preventing entry into your computer as well as blocking viruses from entering into your computer.

Can the 'bad' programs still get in? Unfortunately, yes. So what can you do? Start by installing reputable virus scan software, keep it up to date and run frequently, assure that you're protected by a firewall (either a software or hardware approach). Periodically run a spyware and adware detection program. Run windows update in order to install the latest security patches. Run Ki-washer to 'clean-up' your computer.

Assure that your wireless router is secure. Otherwise anyone within close proximity will be able to access your work as if they were on your computer!!

(We can check your computer, discuss your needs and install any of the software listed below to assure that your computer is secure - just Contact Us)

Note - the following software is recommended by many reputable sources. We have installed this software on many computers without problem. Older operating systems as well as computers with 'issues' may have compatibility problems. Please review the companies web sites for more information.

Virus scan - AVG Anti-Virus is comprehensive and powerful enough to meet most home computing needs.  We can install AVG, initiate automatic updates, and set up a regular scan schdule so that your computer remains protected.

General Cleanup - Go to the Kalavath Infotech web site, select download Ki-Washer and follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Firewall - Many times, your router will have a built-in firewall.  We can configure this, or if your routher does not come with a firewall, we can install Zonealarm - a top rated software firewall.

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