We will discuss your complete usage to determine your training needs and then present options based upon our experience and your needs.. We enjoy working with people regardless of their level of computer expertise, whether with limited exposure to the more experienced users. And wait until you see our customized basic manuals!

These manuals are actually created for you based upon your specific experience. As we conclude the training, you will always have this manual for reference. As it was designed for you, it will be ultra-easy to find information that you need. Please click here for a PDF sample.

Our years of experience in developing software, working with vendors and installing Microsoft (TM) products has allowed us to build experience to provide truly useful training - based upon your needs. Everyone learns differently and we design classes (groups or one-on-one) specific to your needs. Our training manuals address the basics.

If you have never used Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint or Word, let us help you get started. When you've completed our training, you'll be 'flying' through the process creating and modifying attractive and useful documents.


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